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sex is social. be part of a community where conversation and connection are part of the culture.

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The Social Side

Sex is social!

For many members of the lifestyle community, sex is social. 

Us swingers seem to enjoy the lifestyle culture just as much as the sex (almost!) We like to share our experiences, talk about our journeys, and connect with those with whom we feel aligned. TKG Club allows you to connect with other members of the lifestyle community by the means of speed dating events, online socials, access to date-matching services, and world wide swinger searches. 

I wish the world had more people like you!

You’re simply awesome. Thanks for sharing and thanks for educating the brave!

‘I’ve grown in confidence since joining TKG Club and addressed a lot of my initial fears. I’ve also shifted my attitude and outlook towards the swinger lifestyle. You’re a gem; thank you for making TKG Club’

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Create Genuine Connections

TKG Club in Collaboration with CNM4US

I believe that the world of online swinger dating sites are becoming saturated with users who have little to no understanding of what the lifestyle entails and, as a result, are becoming over-subscribed. 

Essentially, they not delivering you, the genuine user, the experience you want! It’s time for a change! 

By working in collaboration with CNM4US, I am now able to offer members of TKG Club a platform where verified members are valued and organic connection is encouraged. Forget fake profiles and one line wonders, CNM4US is for people who share a genuine interest in all aspects of Consensual Non Monogamy. It’s by real swingers for real swingers.

Hi Rosie, you shared some great content tonight; I loved the info about what women find desirable in male swingers. 

“This is not only intensely erotic, it also opens a window into the scene, which is helpful because before I saw this, I had only imagination (which is good in itself) but to be able to ‘be there’ via your post is illuminating!” ~ KN, TKG Club Member

Behind the scenes content

Club and swinger parties reviews

What is CNM4US?

CNM4US understand that for many members of the community, swinging is just as much social as it is sexy! 

Founder of CNM4US, Michael states ‘When I saw an opportunity to combine social media with Lifestyle dating, it clicked. Many people like me and my wife enjoy social spaces to share our lifestyle experiences in ways that might benefit others’

 CNM4US aims to bring together many of the features of popular social media sites and swinger dating sites and provide users with a platform where they can immerse themselves in the world of Ethical Non Monogamy and be confident in the connections they are making. 

Rosie is one of our favorite people to watch and learn from. So much so, that we decided to join the TKG Club. 

I’ve done a deep dive into the TKG Club content tonight, and my favourite sections are, How to be a successful swinger and
Attending Your First Event – YOUR Questions Answered!

members-only community area

Honest Conversations. Real Connections. Genuine Members.

“I have a deep sense of loyalty to Rosie and am committed to empowering, supporting, and encouraging both publicly and privately. For me, nothing she has ever shared has shocked me.-J TKG Club member  

features of CNM4US

As a member of TKG Club, you also have access to, where you can expect: 

  • Swing Ring Phone: Move away from endless chit-chat and emails! Call others without giving out your personal number by using the Swing Ring Feature on the site. 
  • Attend online swinger speed dating events, hosted socials and workshops where you can meet other members organically. 
  • Get badges on your profile for easy identification as certified and genuine users.  
  • Verified Members-only messaging access.  
  • Users have more control– YOU decide who sees what on your profile! 

“Rosie!!!!! Your workshop, OMFG!”


  • TKG Mailing List + TKG Club Updates & News
    Information on coaching courses, club events and online speed dating) 

sex is social. be part of a community where conversation and connection are part of the culture.

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Who am I?

Hello, I'm Rosie!

the girl behind ThisKindaGirl.

I’m a non-monogamy and swinging lifestyle coach.

I’m here to help couples and singles talk about their sexual needs openly so they can have meaningful and satisfying relationships built on trust and honesty. 

When I first discovered the world of swinging, I didn’t know where to start!

It took me 10 years to learn how to swing successfully, and I know that looking online, or visiting a club can be extreamly daunting if you have never explored the world of Ethical Non Monogamy. I want to make it easy for you! 

Who is TKG Club for?

You will love TKG club if: 

  • You have an interest in any aspect of Ethical Non-Monogamy. From cuckolding to swinger clubs, there are many ways to be ENM. 
  • You are tired of time wasters and want to connect with other like-minded, real people. 
  • You have enjoyed my work and have been inspired by what you have read, and wish to start on your own journey with the support and guidance found in my workshops available to TKG Club members. 
  • You enjoy adult content that isnt afraid to dive into taboo topics and uncover uncomfortable truths. From male chastity to sex workers and sissification– I like to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and share it with my members. 
  • You want to dive deep into the world of Rosie Kay and listen to my podcasts, read my adult-themed content and  discover why I do what I do! 
  • You enjoy more than monogamy!
TKG Club - Community for Genuine Swingers

for Couples who ...

I believe Rosie Kay is significantly underrated in her profession, and she can be assured that I will always support her as a TKG Club member. 

for Singles who ...

“Thanks for being so open to all your members. The written content is excellent, definitely hope for us single guys at a club!”

TKG Club- your gateway to a genuine lifestyle community.

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In TKG Club, you  get the best of both worlds.  Help starting swinging and access to the swinger community online. You can find my guides for UK swinger parties and read my reviews and experiences of those parties.  

I include information for couples, single men, and single women, as well as how to visit and who you can expect to meet!

But TKG Club is more than just information about swinger clubs. It’s a community and guidance, and it was created with you in mind. You will not only learn how to find swingers but also how to be a success in the lifestyle—how to have a rock-solid relationship or be a sexy single swinger! By joining TKG club, you will also have access to CNM4US, where users can expect a swinger dating platform that has many social media features and aims to connect genuine swingers with other genuine swingers. 

Of course! How it works is like this: 

  • by joining TKG Club, you get access to all my coaching material, (video, PDFs, articles)  that teaches you how to be a successful swinger couple or single swinger. It’s designed to take you from absolute beginner to visiting a club. 
  • join my LIVE monthly members workshops where I answer your questions,
  • join me each week for members meet up events, where you can connect and chat to other genuine swingers,
  • Infomation on parties and events, for singles and couples- where they are and how to visit. 
  • interactions with me. TKG Club is the only place I host my LIVE workshops. 
  • weekly emails from me, 
  • you get to be part of a supportive community of like minded, kinky, adults! 
  • All of this is easily accessable, all in one place, all at your fingertips.

The members of TKG Club all have one thing in common, they all have a genuine interest in Ethical Non Monogamy. Some are couples looking to start on their swinger journey, some are single people who want to discover more about clubs and parties, and some members are  interested in other forms of Ethical Non Monogamy such as a having open relationships. Regardless of who they are and what they are looking for, they are all there as they have a genuine interest. To meet other people and dive deep into the world of Ethical Non Monogamy with me. 

CNM4US aims to combine many of the features of popular social media sites and swinger dating sites and provide users with a platform where they can immerse themselves in the world of Ethical Non-Monogamy and be confident in the connections they are making. By working in collaboration with them, I can offer members of the TKG Club more than I ever could before: worldwide members, discover fellow swinger lifestyle content creators, access to swinger speed dating events, and many more opportunities to meet real swingers.  

Yes. It doesn’t matter where you live; you can still be part of the TKG community and gain access to the worldwide swinger community.  I always ensure that the content I provide for my members is universal, and I have even created workshops available in TKG club on how to start swinging if you don’t live in the UK! After all, it doesn’t matter if you live in the USA or the UK,  or Europe, you can still learn how to have a rock-solid swinger relationship or be a successful single swinger. Plus of course, you will meet other members to connect with. And remember, all my LIVE workshops are recorded, so you can watch them in your own time 🙂 

TKG Club is for all people who are Ethically Non Monogamous, and I’m quite sure that some people are looking to date! Thanks to my partnership with CNM4US, you can have access to a world wide swinger community, swinger speed dating events and social events. You can make a profile, upload your pictures and chat with other members. 

Once you sign up, you can experience TKG club for free for one month. After that, TKG Club membership is £25 a month. The reason I decided to make it a paid club was that I want it to appeal to those who have a genuine interest in Ethical Non-Monogamy and who are willing invest in the swinger lifestyle. Becuse if you take your swinging seriously and enjoy being part of a community then chances are you will meet others within TKG club who share similar views. Sure you could use Fab swingers, but how many one line wonders and fake profiles can you take? 

Yes! From reading about my own experiences to posting your own. One thing is for certain; if you want to read what real swinging is like, and what real swingers get up to then you will love reading the behind the scenes content. From foot worship to foursomes, it’s all waiting for you. If you are feeling bold, post your own story or read what other members get up to. 

If you are already a swinger, you may be thinking, ‘What’s the point of us joining TKG Club? We already know how to visit swinger clubs and are already in the lifestyle. This may be true, but I also know that for many of us (self-included), swinging is not only enjoyable for the sex but also for the social too! 


TKG Club is for genuine members with genuine intentions. 

Having been in the swinger lifestyle for many years now, I know what experienced swingers enjoy, and time-wasters are not one! I understand how important the social side of swinging is, and TKG Club allows you to have enjoy organic social interaction without getting bombarded with messages from people with fake profiles, dick pictures and one-line messages. 

Its a place to share your experiences and connect with those you feel aligned with. 

Yes! 100% TKG Club is the only place that I host LIVE events, the only place I do weekly members’ meet-ups and the only place you can access my reviews and read what I get up to! Not only do I post exclusive written content to TKG Club, I also make a video diary series that is only for members of TKG Club. If you want to get to know the real Rosie, then TKG Club is where you can do this. 

Are you ready to dive deep into Ethical Non-Monogamy?

sex is social. be part of a community where conversation and connection are part of the culture.

Try it for free!