Work With Me


I have been commissioned by a number of different companies to create content that either showcases their product or is a review of their event or business. I am well accustomed to writing articles, providing real-life accounts and creating advice guides that feature on my own site, fellow bloggers’ sites and blog segments on websites.

I have taken part in interviews, been featured in national newspapers, written blogs for other content creators and I have been part of an expert panel, consulting for a couples subscription box company. I have also been featured on international news sites. I also work closely with the leading swinger lifestyle venue in the UK.

I am happy to write a piece for your website or blog and offer my advice and input for your articles, site or product.

I am happy to feature your product or company in my social media feed. I have a number of avenues available to me when it comes to social media and a growing tribe on Discord.

I am flexible when it comes to commissions and collaborations; I know that there is not a one size fits all approach and in order for the content to have a high SEO score, and reach more potential customers, it needs to be optimised to rank on Google, so I always take its into consideration when creating sponsored posts. 

Although I do primarily write about swinging and Ethical Non-Monogamy, I have been commissioned to write reviews on behalf of sex shops and adult stores. I have also written about hotels that I have stayed in when visiting clubs and events, and find this type of content, from the standpoint of a single female swinger, is very popular with my readers.


As a Swinger Lifestyle Consultant, Open Relationship Coach, Ethical Non-Monogamy Expert and Instagram Influencer, I am quite accustomed to being asked for advice and guidance by my fans and followers, customers and clients.

I am able to offer reviews of your swingers club, swingers event, hotel, lifestyle website, swinger dating site, private hire premises, online stores, adult products, clothing, lingerie or beauty products that are all beneficial to those in the lifestyle.

I regularly write articles detailing my experiences with various clubs and events I have attended. It is important that I am able to gain an insight into which clubs are suitable for my followers. As an influencer, my opinion on clubs and events, as well as online sites and stores is followed closely by my fans.

Every person I speak to has a desire to experience different scenarios and I use my knowledge and experience of different clubs, events, products and services to help people navigate their way through the non-monogamous lifestyle.


I enjoy collaborating on podcasts and doing interviews, offering my expertise and knowledge and working with other influencers on social media to create relevant content.

I work with adult shops, online stores, hotels, and dating websites, to create sponsored articles for them. Click here to see the recent collaboration I did with Sexy Emporium. 

Photo Shoots

I have previously taken part in photoshoots and if I think it is within my niche and relevant to my area of expertise, I am comfortable working with photographers to create new content for myself and them.

Appearance At Your Club Or Event

Yes, I’d love to be part of your party! I would be thrilled to appear at your club or event, with or without a view to then review it. I regularly post content to my social media account about events I attend, I’d be delighted to promote my visit to your club or event to my followers. 

I also write reviews of clubs and events I have attended and share information across my social media, of parties and clubs I recommend. My fans are always asking me for recommendations of where to go and I have a dedicated ‘Swinger Club Infomation’ channel on Discord where my tribe get all my inside information.

I expect travel expenses, accommodation if applicable, and a ticket for myself.

Please get in touch with me via email at to start a relationship.
You can download my Media Pack HERE.