What Is Virtual Swinging

What Is Virtual Swinging My 10 Top Tips

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What Is Virtual Swinging

This article is one that I wrote during the grip of the pandemic, however, virtual swinging is still a thing, even though clubs are now open.  VirtualSwingin is the platform that many clubs became members of so that their members could still socialise online.

Virtual Swinging still exists, and a lot of the advice here can be applied to other swinger sites such as sdc.com 

And yes, this article contains affiliate links. 

What Is Virtual Swinging-10 Top Tips my jam-packed juicy guide to the world of online orgys.   

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you, what virtual Swinging is, why you need it, what lies in store for you and how you can get started! 

So, as ever, slip into something comfortable, and let thiskindagirl teach you all I know about getting started in Virtual Swinging. 

What To Know About Virtual Swinging

Virtual Swinging. What is that? How can I experience it? Where can I find it? Virtual Swinging or rather VirtualSwingin (the official title) has taken off in a big way. With countries going in and out of lockdown, and subsequently, clubs having to close and open and close again, the move to have swinging parties online feels like a step in the right direction. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t experienced a slow down in wanting to swing.

What Is Virtual Swinging

People still email me, ask for help and watch my youtube channel, all seeking my advice on how to start swinging and regularly ask me where can they find swingers. The best and most sensible advice I can give (I live in the UK where we are unable to mix households) is to move your swinging fun online and get sexy with a worldwide audience.  

VirtualSwingin brings thousands of sexy swingers from across the globe and connects them, virtually. It is hosted by the biggest and best premier clubs and by swinging virtually, you get a slice of the swinging action, in the comfort of your own home. Curious to find out more? 

10 Tantalising Tips To Take You From Nervous Newbie To Party Pro! 

Swinging For Beginners 

If you have never swung before, as I’m guessing some of you haven’t, don’t worry, Virtual Swinging will give you a sexy taste of what’s to come. In fact, virtual Swinging is perfect for first-time swingers as there’s no pressure to perform, remove any clothes or make awkward small talk. You can watch, chat to people if you want, and, if your feeling comfortable, join in on the action.

Through virtual Swinging, you can chat and connect with couples and single’s, in group rooms and in private. You can find real, genuine swingers to engage with and enjoy having flirty adult fun. 

Virtual Swingin gives you a great introduction to the lifestyle. 

If You Have Experience In The Lifestyle 

If you have swung before, then it’s time to bring sexy back and get to meet some new friends at a virtual event. 

When virtual Swinging, you can chat, flirt and connect with couples and single’s, just as you do in regular clubs, you can sneak off for a private play with a couple of your choice or chat with everyone. You can find real, genuine swingers to engage with and enjoy the lifestyle. 

It’s A Huge Social Swinger Party

Who doesn’t love meeting and making new swinger friends? I do for sure! Because the virtual swing scene is worldwide, you can chat to swingers from across the world

One reason I love swinging so much is the social side to it. After all, I can’t share with my vanilla friends what it is I get up to, but my swinger friends and I can chat easily about what we like and dislike. Being involved in the lifestyle feels very inclusive, and in my experience, most swingers are a non-judgmental bunch. Talking to like-minded people is so important. Get chatting about your experience so far in the swinger lifestyle, and before long you will hear ‘I know exactly what you mean, we were like that too’ or ‘Don’t worry, I know how you are feeling.’ 

There’s A Lot More Than Just Sex Happening Online

Virtual Swinging is a lot more than just people doing it! There are also live and interactive sex workshops, burlesque shows, kink nights, dungeon experiences, BDSM fetish events and Bisexual male nights! As well as DJ sets, and ask the experts Q and A’s. So, I’m sure you will agree with me when I say, there’s something for everyone. 

It’s Great If You’re A Little Shy

Swinging can be daunting. Trust me, I know! I have been that shy girl on more than one occasion. Desperately wanting to join in, but feeling overcome with shyness. Being in a club can be daunting, but with virtual Swinging, you can talk to who you want, when you want. You can turn your camera off and on, chat to whoever you want, all from the safety and comfort of your own home. 

What Is Virtual Swinging

Virtual Swinging Is Great For Boosting Your Self Esteem

Lockdown has left us all feeling a little blue. When we swing, we flirt, and when we flirt, we create sexual chemistry and when we create sexual chemistry, we feel gooooood! Knowing that others find you desirable is such a boost to your self-esteem. Feeling sexy, being sexy and creating sexual sparks is all part of the fun of Swinging. 

Virtual Swinging Is Safe

We can’t talk about swinging without discussing safe sex. Safe sex is so important and a topic that always should be addressed before you remove any items of clothing! It’s not only STD’s and STI’s that we have to be cautious of, we now have to protect ourselves from the coronavirus too. And with virtual Swinging, you can have incredibly sexy swinger dates, whilst remaining safe! 

Virtual Swinging Gives You A Great Opportunity To Get Dressed Up 

I miss getting dressed up and feeling sexy, and I’d put money on the fact that you do too! Not only are the swinger clubs shut, but regular bars, clubs and restaurants have also all had to close. We haven’t gone out out in a very long time! No longer do we spend Saturday evening in front of the mirror getting ready for a steamy couples night out, choosing our outfits and fixing our hair. Instead, we resign ourselves to another boxset in our PJs! But it doesn’t have to be like this, with virtual Swinging you can get as dressed up as you want, (some may prefer to not wear much at all) do your hair, do your make up, put on sexy underwear and feel gorgeous! 

Make A Night Of It

If you have been to a swingers club but never tried BDSM and are curious, then joining in on a BDSM masterclass might just be your thing.

I’m sure I’m not the only one to admit that over recent months, dating, intimacy and sex have not always been at the forefront of our priorities. Keeping our families safe and adjusting to lockdown life has taken centre stage, and quite rightly so. However, Don’t you think you deserve a little time away from regular life? With the kids in bed, you can enjoy swinging in the comfort of your own home and focus on some quality, adult, fun. Have a soak in the bath, put on something sexy and light some candles. Grab your partner and chat to other couples around the world, doing precisely the same as you. 

Reconnect After Swinging

Reconnecting after swinging is part of the swinging process, and one that I believe should never be overlooked. Talking about how you felt, what you saw, and what you would like to experience next time is all key to great reconnecting. If you have never tried virtual Swinging, then I’m quite sure you will have a lot to discuss afterwards. Who did you enjoy chatting to? What did you find a turn on or a turn-off? Reconnecting after swinging brings you closer and strengthens the bonds between you. 

Through Virtual Swinging You Will Make New Lifestyle Friends 

Who doesn’t love meeting and making new swinger friends? I do for sure! Because the virtual swing scene is worldwide, you can chat to swingers from across the world. You can also chat with swingers who live locally and have perhaps attended swinger clubs in the same city as you. By speaking with other swingers, you will be able to share fantasies and ideas about what you enjoy!

When the swinger clubs do reopen, you will be able to arrange meeting these swingers in the clubs, having already swung virtually online first! You will know what you all like, what your limits are and how you want to get down! Virtual Swinging will prepare you for meeting up in clubs or at lifestyle events; soon you will be smart, sexy swingers who know exactly how to party! 

Why I Believe Virtual Swinging Is A Seriously Sexy Alternative 

I receive a lot of questions daily asking me how to get started in Swinging. Doing it Virtually is a fantastic way of easing your way into the lifestyle. There’s no pressure, no expectation, no need to be able to work the room, charming and flirting with all in attendance. You can join in as little or as much as you want. You may enjoy some aspects of it and not others; you may be inspired by what you see. 

If you have been to a swingers club but never tried BDSM but are curious, then joining in on a BDSM masterclass might just be your thing. 

We can’t all meet in our favourite clubs right now, but what we can do is join our friends virtually and continue doing what we love! I, for one, will most definitely be participating. 

When I say I shall see you there, you most definitely will! 

To get a slice of the action, and start your swinger journey click here to join VirtualSwingin!

Loves, Thiskindagirl xx 

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