Websites For Meeting Swingers In London

Websites For Meeting Swingers In London

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Websites For Meeting Swingers In London

Websites For Meeting Swingers In London, open up google. Type in Websites For Meeting Swingers London, what do you see? That’s a rhetorical question; I already know what you see.

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You are met with hookup sites, adult sex dating sites, quick-sex-with-horny-girls-near-you sleazy as hell sites and nestled, somewhere between a review of Swingers Crazy Golf and ‘adult sex 4 fun’, you will find a selection of swingers dating websites.

Websites For Meeting Swingers In London

But which to choose? Some look pretty respectable and legit, whereas others, the aptly named leave little to be desired. 

This is why I chose to write this post. To give you, a full breakdown of which websites to use for Meeting Swingers In London along with dating apps, and online swinger communities. I’ll share with you which sites are best to meet genuine users, and which are more suitable for ‘hooking up’ with singles. 

So, let’s get started…

If You Want To Meet Genuine Swingers

Some look pretty respectable and legit, whereas others, the aptly named leave little to be desired…

It can prove challenging at times to meet what we swingers like to call ‘genuine’ lifestylers; the couples and singles who are verified and honest. Regardless of their levels of experience or type of relationship, they fully understand what the swinging lifestyle entails. 

Genuine swingers play by the rules, respect one another and are usually pretty reliable; when a genuine swinger cancels a date, it’s generally for a very good reason. But where to find these swingers, and how do you know they are real? The first thing you can do when looking online is check to see if they have been ‘verified’.

This means they have gone through several steps to prove their authenticity. This can range from submitting a picture of yourself to the site administrator to prove you are a real person or couple, to having verifications written by other swingers you have met or chatted to over a webcam featured on your profile.

As a general rule, if a website asks for several verification steps and the signup process has to be approved, then chances are this site will attract more genuine swingers. After all, you wouldn’t jump through all the hoops, for the sake of making a fake, never going to meet anyone anyway profile. It seems like a lot of wasted time, especially when there are many sites out there that appeal to people who want to exchange pictures. I will be sharing which sites are best for genuine swingers below. 

Follow The Rules Of Swinger Websites 

It can prove challenging at times to meet what we swingers like to call ‘genuine’ lifestylers; the couples and singles who are verified and honest.

All swinger websites have certain conditions that you have to follow to use them. Some you can only publish a certain amount of photos each day and some pictures have to be submitted and approved before they can be made public. For advice on what not to write on your swingers dating profile, check out my post on how to write a great swinger dating profile

What Sites Are Popular 

Before I started writing this article, I conducted some research. I wanted to discover what sites were proving popular. I asked my fans and followers to get in touch with what swinger websites they use to meet swingers in London. As I predicted, the most popular by far was fab swingers, followed closely by SDC and then Fetlife. Of course, there are others out there, and I will be giving you the lowdown on many different types of swinger websites available. 

Some websites come up in the search results that I wouldn’t recommend. Most are adult hookup sites, and they seem to get confused between ‘swinging’; consensual non-monogamy and ‘free sex with girls’. 

Swinging Heaven

Swinging heaven boasts over 1.9 million members and caters for swinger newbies and experienced swingers alike, sign up to make a swinger profile. You can search by location to filter the results for London, and check out swinger events and clubs that are available near you. You can also join chat rooms and forums, be part of swinger communities and read blog posts and real-life experiences. I’m sure I have a real-life experience post on there somewhere! 

Fab Swingers 

The free site! Fab has a considerable following, over 200,000 people use the site daily and it is the place to meet verified local swingers. Meeting genuine swingers who have been verified as real is important to fab members and you do have to go through several verification steps to prove you are real. But it’s most definitely worth it as you can meet some fantastic swingers, right on your doorstep! Yes, the website isn’t particularly swish, and you are limited with the number of pictures you can upload per day, but, it’s free and popular with genuine swingers. 


SDC is the world largest lifestyle community. SDC boast that they have a worldwide membership, however, dont worry, they have many members right here in London. As with the other sites, you can filter your search results to focus on your specific area and find swingers local to you. SDC often collaborates with clubs and events happening in London, which in turn attracts swingers from across the world. SDC is a very popular choice although you do have to pay to be a member, there are different options available, so it may not cost you an awful lot.

The website administrators regularly update the site so you may be greeted with a new version after a few months, but this means they add new features too. There are lots of potential matches available and couples with compatibility to your preferences. 


Swingtowns markets itself as being the place for non-monogamous, polyamorous and open relationships. It also prides itself on being an excellent place for kinksters. Again, they are a worldwide site, but they do have a subsection of their website for London swingers. You can search for swingers clubs by city and find parties that are near you. You can sign up and make a profile too. 


Along with the swinger dating sites, there is also this great little find. is a website that lists different kinds of social events, meetings and organisations. From outdoor yoga to book clubs, is a great place to find local groups near you. And luckily for swingers, there’s a swinger meet up group listed. The aptly called Swingers Society have around 500 members, and to become part of the group, you do have to apply and then go through rather a rigorous verification process.

Websites For Meeting Swingers In London

They organise coffee meets/ drinks meets/ social meetups and private parties. They also offer help and guidance for new swingers and those curious about the scene. The community states that it is open to single men and women as well as couples. But as ever, single male spaces are limited. 

Before you ask to become a member, do have a thorough read-through of the rules and regulations and they are quite strict with who they let join and what they expect from their members. Still, on the plus side, this is the kind of place to meet genuine swingers who are supportive and enjoy the community aspect to swinging.

 The site that you can use kinks and fetishes as keywords to search for your ideal playmates or partners. is not strictly a swingers website, but it does have over two million members. Alt attracts singles, couples, dominatrixes and masters and submissives. If you are into bondage, BDSM and fetish, then chances are you will find like-minded people here! You can exchange pictures, watch videos, view cameras and meet other members! is from the same family of Adult Friend finder.  

Adult Friend Finder

Adult friend finder is popular with swingers for a very good reason. It has listings for single males, people looking for threesomes, traditional swinger parties, hookups and even cybersex. There is also a blog, erotic stories and magazine section of the website if you enjoy reading real-life experiences. 

You can enter the site as a ‘guest’ and browse through the listings, but you need to sign up to use the site properly. Adult friend finder is a very popular choice for many non-monogamous and open couples. Once you have done so though, you get access to a huge amount of profiles!  


When I conducted my research into popular swinger websites in London, Fetlife was mentioned by a few of my kinkier followers. As the name suggests, FetLife is an online community for all those interested in BDSM, fetish and kink. It is popular with singles and couples who enjoy mixing their swinging with something a little kinkier. You can also find on FetLife listings for mistresses, dungeons, real-life experience blog posts and kink events in your local area. 

Websites That I Don’t Recommend

As I wrote at the beginning of this article, some websites come up in the search results when searching for Websites For Meeting Swingers In London, that I, an experienced and discerning swinger wouldn’t recommend. Most are adult hookup sites, and they seem to get confused between ‘swinging’; consensual non-monogamy and ‘free sex with girls’. After all, you don’t have to be a swinger to have no strings sex.

One of these websites is shagaholic. They may entice you by the promise of hot girls gagging for it, but, if you are serious about swinging, which I do hope you are, then be a more discerning swinger. 

Dating Apps 

Regular Dating Apps 

I had my reservations about using a ‘regular’ dating app. I wasn’t looking to meet a swinger couple at the time. I wouldn’t recommend it for established couples as there are far easier ways to meet swingers, as we have discussed. Still, at the time, I was a single woman and already dating using the app. When the couple swiped right on me, I instantly knew what their game was, and we exchanged messages.

Websites For Meeting Swingers In London

Being the seasoned swinger I am, I could tell if they had potential or not (they had) and we arranged to meet for an initial chat before we went any further. I’m not too fond of the idea of people in relationships having tinder or bumble on their phones as the apps themselves I feel are quite intrusive. But if you are a single person, they can be great fun.

Swinger Dating Apps

There are a few out there that you may enjoy using, but I prefer the more traditional swinger website approach. 3Somer is an app that allows you to find other people in your area who want to get involved in well, a threesome. The app is free to download, and you then pay for a membership plan. 

Another popular app is Feeld. This one offers more features, such as setting up group chats and picture exchanges that are deleted after you have sent them. Again, it is free to download, and then you pay per month. Feeld heavily focuses on bisexual females looking to join couples for threesomes instead of couples looking for couples.

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