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swinging lifestyle glossary

Swinger Lifestyle Glossary

Swinger Lifestyle Glossary Thiskindagirls A-Z of Non-Monogamy Swinger Lifestyle Glossary Thiskindagirls A-Z of Non-Monogamy  Adult- Anything that is deemed only suitable for those over the age of 18 years. Many swinger

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Why Do People Start Swinging?

Why Do People Start Swinging?

Why Do People Start Swinging?  Why Do People Start Swinging? Swinging isn’t part of ‘normal’ society. We aren’t taught about non-monogamy, open relationships, swinging and alternative lifestyles at a young age.

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Help With Starting Swinging

Help With Starting Swinging If you are considering dipping your toe into ‘the lifestyle’ it may be beneficial for you to get some help with starting swinging. A how-to, where…...

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Hi, I'm Rosie!

The girl behind ThisKindaGirl.

I’m a non-monogamy and swinging lifestyle coach.

TKG was born out of a desire to share my honest advice about swinging, alternative relationships and human nature. I’m here to help people successfully navigate the heavily stigmatised world of swinging.

Sit back and dive deep into Ethical Monogamy with me. Here you will find everything you need to know!

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