Who Are My Workshops For?

My workshops are for men and women, couples and singles. It doesn’t matter how you identify or what your relationship status is.

I run online classes for single guys, single women and people in relationships. I have dedicated workshops for first-time swingers and those who have already had some experience in the lifestyle but would like more in-depth information or perhaps would like to get involved in other ways.

First-time swingers

If you want to learn about swinging, this is a great place to start. From walking into a club for the first time to dealing with jealousy and insecurity, whatever fears and reservations you may have, I’m here to help you. 

Starting Swinging For Couples

Having an open and honest conversation about the swinger lifestyle is, for me, one of the best building blocks for a successful, ethically non-monogamous relationship. By joining my workshops together, you can start having that conversation and drawing up your own ideas about what you would like to experience!

Swinging For Men

So many guys want to get involved in the swinger lifestyle but are not sure how. If you have been wondering how to start in the lifestyle or haven’t had much success, you need to listen up! 

My workshops on starting swinging for men cover topics such as:

  • Online communication, 
  • How to be appealing to other swingers, 
  • Different types of swinger dynamics you may encounter, 
  • How to be confident in swinger situations, 
  • How to make a great online profile.

Swinging For woMen

I know that starting swinging can be really daunting. Trust me; I have been in your situation! My workshop for starting swinging for women will give you an insight into how you can be the smart, sexy swinger woman you want to be. I talk about:

  • The reality of being a woman at a swinger event,
  • Consent,
  • Drawing up rules and boundaries,
  • Staying safe,
  • What to wear.

I share my top tips on how to be confident and how to stop self-comparison. I talk about what it’s like to be a single female in a club and why women hold all the cards! 

How to join my Workshops?

My live workshops take place via zoom. 

Anyone can join, men, women and couples, and I share the details of when they are taking place on my site, and my social media feeds. 

To gain access to the workshops, you do have to be a TKG Club Member. Once you sign up for my membership, the link to the workshop will be available in the members-only content area. Just select whichever you are interested in. You can join as many as you want! 

If you miss a workshop or don’t get the chance to join for one, I will post the recorded video in the members-only content area on buy me a coffee, so you can still gain from the information shared. 

All workshops are adult in nature, so they must only be attended by those 18 or over.

They take place via zoom, but you don’t have to share your screen if you don’t wish to. 

Want to join TKG Club and get access to exclusive club reviews, behind the scenes stories and my experiences in the lifestyle?

Here are some of the most popular topics of my Workshops:

How To Overcome Jealousy When Swinging

One of the most popular subjects I am asked for advice on is ‘how do I overcome jealousy?’ When giving a jealousy workshop, I use my real-life insights and experiences to demonstrate how to overcome jealousy. 

I used to be a jealous and insecure person; now, I’m the one giving the advice. Want to find out how I did it? Come join me for a workshop on overcoming jealousy! 

How To Overcome Anxiety When Swinging? 

From performance anxiety to body confidence to feeling under pressure, anxiety can be very overwhelming. Starting swinging is nerve-wracking enough, without feeling anxious about it. In my workshops, we will explore common fears amongst swingers, boost your confidence, and create the right mindset for owning your sexuality and desires! If you are worried about the size and shape of your dick, how you will compare to other people, or if you are feeling anxious about your sexual performance, this workshop will help you put your fears to one side so you can get on with getting it on! 

How To Find Swingers And Swinger Clubs

By far one of the most popular questions that I receive. 

Dear Thiskindgirl, where can I find swingers? 

In my how to find swingers and swinger clubs workshop, I will share the most popular, tried and trusted websites, clubs, communities, and dating apps you can use to find swingers. 

Some sites you may have heard of, but are they suitable for first-time swingers? Where can you find fetish and kink communities? What clubs are out there? And which ones should you avoid? Reviewing swinger clubs and swinger dating sites is something of a speciality of mine, so let me teach you all I know before you waste your time and money on a site or club that isn’t going to give you what you’re after. 

Swinger Dating Profile Masterclass

When it comes to writing a great swinger dating profile, many people struggle with what to write and have no idea how to write an enticing and engaging profile that will get them noticed. 

Luckily, writing and swinging are two areas in which I’m quite accomplished, so if you struggle with the about me section on your dating profile, come and join my masterclass. If you have joined a site but aren’t having much luck, that may be down to your profile. Let me share my top hints and tips with you and teach you how to be appealing to other swingers online. 

From what pictures to upload to how to write that first message, learn from someone who’s seen a lot of profiles (good and bad) over the years! 

Attending Swinger Parties As A Single Person 

Yes, single people can be swingers! Yes, they can get involved! This workshop will teach you how to navigate swinger parties as a single person and how you can find events and clubs that are open to single people joining! Swinging is daunting enough, never mind being alone in a club! Luckily attending events as a single person is something that I know about. My workshop is for both men and women, and I share with you how to create the right mindset to get the most out of clubs and events. I also talk about staying safe in clubs and how to approach couples as a single person. 

How To Talk About Starting Swinging? 

In this masterclass, I share what it is like to have a conversation about starting swinging with your partner and their possible responses. It’s entirely normal for people to feel threatened, worried or apprehensive when they hear the S word for the first time! 

In this workshop, I share my own experiences of having that conversation and how I went from my initial reservations and worries to now giving advice! Talking about starting swinging is scary, but with my help, it doesn’t have to be!