Workshop on What is it like seeing your partner with someone else


‘But, Don’t You Get Jealous?’

Seeing your partner with someone else is, for many of us, the stuff of our nightmares.

Watching as they kiss, touch and, well, get it on with another person (usually of the opposite sex) is, for the majority of couples one thing they are absolutely terrified of. Or are they?

Are there, instead, some couples out there who actively enjoy watching their partner with someone else?

In this workshop, I share with my experiences of how I went from being horrified at the thought of it to being in the position of wanting to see my partner with someone else; you could say I’ve come full circle!


Workshop on What is it like seeing your partner with someone else?


Have you ever wondered What it is like Seeing Your Partner With Someone Else? This workshop will give you an insight into what that’s like. Not only will I share with you the negatives, the fear of the unknown, the worry, and the not-so-positive experiences I’ve had, but also the positive relationship-enriching ones I’ve shared too.

I’ll also be talking about how, sometimes, BDSM and voyeurism can come together to make pretty exciting swinger experiences!

I will be sharing my top tips on overcoming jealousy and insecurity and how seeing your partner get it on with someone else can actually be quite exciting!