Practising Polyamory, myths, misconceptions and what really matters.


Video Workshop


Have you heard any of the following? Or had thoughts similar to these?

Polyamory, That’s where one of you gets to cheat, and the other person has no say in it, right?

Nah, it’s where she has sex with other men and tells him about it?

No way! Those kinds of relationships aren’t even real relationships.

Polyamory? Sounds like a hippie cult? Isn’t it all free love and come by ah? 

It’s ok; when I first heard the word Polyamory, I didn’t know what it was either!

And I will hold my hands up; when I started on my journey into ethical non-monogamy, I had my misconceptions about what I thought it was like and why people may choose to practice it in the first place. 

After watching this workshop, you will know exactly what polyamory is and isn’t, my experiences with polyamorous relationships and how to have a successful poly relationship (even if initially you are sh!t scared, as I was)


Practising Polyamory, myths, misconceptions and what really matters. 


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to ethical non-monogamy, and many people who identify as Polyamorous will have their own unique approach regarding how they choose to practice it. I have met many couples over the years, all of whom have had different relationship dynamics and ways of being involved in the lifestyle.

I myself have been in relationships with polyamorous partners, and I know how it feels to be intimidated, daunted and apprehensive when your partner says the word ‘poly’.

And in this workshop, not only am I going to dive into some of the myths and misconceptions associated with polyamory, but I am also going to share with you some of the fears, worries and doubts that I had.

I also share with you the secrets to a successful polyamorous relationship, how I overcame my worries, and I teach you how to do the same.

Remember, it is okay to be apprehensive when presented with new ideas and dynamics because you see there is no right or wrong way to practice ENM, as we are all different. But what there are, are a few best practices that I like to call key components to a sexy and successful Ethically Non Monogamous relationship.