How To Meet Swingers In London

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How To Meet Swingers In London

How To Meet Swingers In London. There is a reason that thiskindagirl HQ is based in London. A very good reason. It is no coincidence that I, Rosie Kay, swinging expert, content creator and open relationship coach, made the decision to set up home in the heart of the UK.

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Here is a quick round-up of the top ways you can meet swingers in London:

  • Swinger Clubs
  • Swinger Dating Sites
  • Swinger Dating Apps
  • Social Media with #London
  • Fetish Events.

Here in the UK, we have a reputation for having the largest number of swingers in our population than other European countries. (yes, I am ignoring Brexit) And according to fab swingers, over 90% of people who visit the site are from the UK. 

How To Meet Swingers In London

In this post, I shall be sharing with you how you can meet swingers in London, and where the best swingers clubs and events are found. I will also be giving you some helpful advice about where to look online for swingers in London, and some swinger date ideas.

This is my little black book of naughty adult swinger shenanigans, and I’m sharing it with you! 

Before writing this post, I conducted some extensive research, as I wanted to ensure that the information shared was relevant and up to date. Sadly some clubs that closed at the start of the pandemic have been unable to survive, but rest assured, the ones I list here are all keeping the swinger fun alive! 

The days of swinger stereotypes are over. London is a city for modern swingers, and this is how to find them. 

Why Swingers Love London

London is a cosmopolitan, vibrant, LGBT+ friendly city. We have swingers clubs, sex shops, pride events, burlesque clubs, gay bars, fetish clubs and kinky Sunday markets. You can be whoever you want to be.

In London, you can be you. 100% unapologetically yourself! And the best bit? The city loves you for it! She wraps her arms around you, checks you out admiringly and with a little push, points you in the direction of whatever it is you like. 

Swinging has come a long way since the stereotypes of the 1970s. Londoners don’t throw their car keys into a bowl; young hipsters like myself are far more likely to cycle to work, neither do we smoke cigars or go dogging. 

We now have clubs specialising in female-led swinging, kink and fetish events, and BDSM dungeons that sit smack bang right in the heart of the city (lunch break, mid-day spanking anyone?) Women now have their own private members events where they can go and express their sexuality, away from their male counterparts. 

If you were to visit my London flat, instead of finding pampas grass outside (the cliche swinger symbol), you would discover houseplants, ferns and strategically placed orchids. 

The days of swinger stereotypes are over. London is a city for modern swingers, and this is how to find them. 

In London, you can be you. And the best bit? The city loves you for it! She wraps her arms around you, checks you out admiringly and with a little push, points you in the direction of whatever it is you like. 

What Types Of Swinger Clubs Are Available In London? 

London offers swinger parties whatever your taste or budget. From hand-picked parties in penthouses to greedy girl fetish nights. Outdoorsy glamping and swinging in the countryside weekends (yes, really) to sensual massage and seduction in sexy surrounds. The capital also offers some of the very best fetish and underground scene events and if you are curious about kink, you may enjoy some of the slightly more alternative parties. Here is a round-up of what the capital has to offer! 

How To Meet Swingers In London

Pleasures In Kent 

This swinger club not only offers 14 play areas, an indoor swimming pool, free private parking, a bar and a dance floor, it also provides luxury glamping too! Pleasures In Kent is set in private grounds of the owner’s house and offers parties on a Friday and Saturday nights and events throughout the year. Open to couples, and single men and women, pleasures provide a slice of the swinger action for all involved.

Due to their village location and being lucky enough to be surrounded by acres of countryside, Pleasures makes a great weekend swinger destination!

Le Boudoir Club

Le Boudoir Club is the UK’s leading lifestyle venue. Situated close to Aldgate East Station, the club offers sumptuous swinger parties in the heart of the city. It is strictly members only, and you do have to apply via the website. The club does, however, cater for single men and women and couples. It boasts a well-equipped BDSM dungeon, a gorgeous bar area and beautiful play spaces. Honestly, I feel like a kid in a candy shop when I visit! 

Torture Garden Club

Be aware; these events are not for the faint-hearted. 

Torture Garden Club is the world’s largest fetish event and regularly hold parties for up to 2500 kinky comrades. Events are not held in one specific venue, and the venue location can change. But rest assured, events are held in London. To attend one of their parties, you have to be prepared to dress to impress and book a ticket well in advance. Be aware; these events are not for the faint-hearted. If you enjoy fantastically elaborate theatrics and all things weird and wonderful, this is your jam! 

Killing Kittens

Female-led and female-founded, Killing Kittens has been a top choice for couples and single women since 2005. Highly regarded as hosting the worlds most exclusive, decadent and hedonistic parties, killing kittens aims to empower women and adventurous couples. They hold parties worldwide, including London and have an exclusive members-only access area on their website. To sign up for their events and membership, check out their website, where you will find all the details. It is worth checking out their site as they also boast their own app where you can meet other members and get chatting! It is important to remember that all interaction is female-led, this includes the app! 

Skirt Club

Skirt Club is on a mission to build an all exclusive female environment where women can explore their sexuality with other like-minded female members. Their members are hand-picked professional women who enjoy expressing their sexuality and wish to do so in luxurious surroundings where the emphasis is on building connection and female discovery. 

You have to sign up to be a member and upgrade to access more features on their website, such as exclusive online events, a members-only area, and details about worldwide events. 

The Penthouse Playrooms 

Probably the largest club I have been to, Penthouse Playrooms markets itself as a ‘European style Fetish Dance Club’. It has a huge range of facilities and they host different events every night of the week! The club, located a few miles outside of Luton city centre, has recently been refurbished and reopened by new owner Emma.
The Saturday night event I attended was open for single girls and couples. The club also encourages Bisexual swingers, and T-girls and hosts dedicated events for both. Inclusivity is paramount here, and it appears that the organisers are aware that for their guests to have a great time, they have to feel they are in an environment where they can express themselves fully.

Where To Meet Swingers Online In London

There are several sites that you can use when wanting to meet swingers in London. Chances are you have already searched on google for London swingers, and you have probably been bombarded with ads from hook up sites, porn sites, xvideos and adult dating services, not to mention that damn golf site! If you are serious about swinging, which I guess you are, then head over to one of the sites I recommend, where you will find genuine swingers, small party listings and swinger events local to you.

Go to see a cabaret or burlesque show. It’s risque, it’s raunchy, and it’s fun! 


Swingtowns is the world’s largest non-monogamous community and its members are interested in non-monogamy, poly, open, swinging, or kink relationships. With swingtowns, you can meet real, local swingers in your area for free. You will find authentic profiles from both couples and single people. Swingtowns prides itself on being the worlds friendliest swinger site, (they really are friendly!) and they have a calendar of events so you can learn about parties that are happening close by!

Swinging Heaven

Swinging heaven boasts over 1.9 million members and caters for swinger newbies and experienced swingers alike, sign up to make a swinger profile. You can search by location and check out swinger events and clubs that are available near you. You can also join chat rooms and forums, be part of swinger communities and read blog posts and real-life experiences. 

Fab Swingers 

The free site! Fab has a considerable following, over 200,000 people use the site daily and it is the place to meet verified local swingers. Meeting genuine swingers who have been verified as real is important to fab members and you do have to go through several verification steps to prove you are real. But it’s most definitely worth it as you can meet some fantastic swingers, right on your doorstep! 


SDC is the world largest lifestyle community. And although they do have a worldwide membership, they do have many members right here in London. As with the other sites, you can filter your search results to focus on your specific area and find swingers local to you. SDC often collaborates with clubs and events happening in London, which in turn attracts swingers from across the world, so you can be sure of a very varied mix of people. I once attended a party where I played with an Indian couple who had flown in from Mumbai to play at an SDC event being hosted in a popular club. 

How To Meet Swingers In London

Swinger Date Ideas In London 

There are loads of sexy swinger date ideas that you can enjoy in London. I always recommend a vanilla date before you engage in any sexy playtime with a new couple. Having been both a single swinger and in a swinger relationship, I have been on many a swinger date in the capital. Here are my top tips for swinger dates in London.

  • We all love going for dinner and drinks, and London has hundreds of restaurants to choose from offering a wide variety of food. Instead of opting for a traditional restaurant meal, why not decide to try a restaurant focusing on sharing plates? Ottolenghi restaurants are great for this. By enjoying sharing dishes, the conversation is encouraged, and it’s far less formal than a traditional restaurant. 
  • Wine tasting or Gin tasting. Another date idea that is sociable and fun. It stimulates conversation, and most people will enjoy it. Don’t go with the sole intention of getting drunk however! 
  • Go to see a cabaret or burlesque show. Head into central London, and you will find some great adult entertainment. Proud Cabaret and Gin House Burlesque are two that come highly recommended. It’s risque, it’s raunchy, and it’s fun! 

Top Tips For Meeting Swingers In London Clubs. 

  • You may decide to head to a club to meet fellow swingers, and it is worth doing your homework first to check the club itself is suitable. Often, couples, single females and single males are allowed in on different nights, so make sure you find out which night is best for you before you buy your entry tickets. If you are in a couple and only want to meet couples, then head to a couples-only night. Club owners have to be cautious over the ratio of guys to girls to ensure that all attendees have an equal chance of meeting. Striking the right balance between men and women is something that clubs take very seriously, so single male tickets are often limited.
  • Organisers can be very strict about who let into their clubs and events, and very often you have to meet and greet the security or doorman before you enter the club. Be prepared to present your ID and have your online membership approved before you can gain entry. The last thing you want is to be refused access!
  • Be aware that most venues restrict the use of mobile phones. The last thing organisers want is people making video footage or taking the odd photo here and there without other peoples consent. It is quite usual for event staff to ask you to hand in your phone prior to being permitted access to the club. If you don’t comply with the rules you may find yourself being refused entry.
  • Remember that everyone visits swinger clubs for different reasons, and not everyone is there to full swap. Some people like to be watched; others like to simply do the watching. Never assume that all females who visit sex clubs are bisexual, and not all singles are there to hook up! Some want to meet and connect with like-minded singles and have no intention of getting down to it straight away.
  • Safe sex should be your priority when attending swinger clubs in the capital. There is a reason there are so many sexual health clinics in London, and it pays always to take precautions. Remember that sexually transmitted diseases and infections can be passed on by mouth to genital contact as well as penetrative sex. Protect yourself by getting clued up on STD’S and STI’s before you visit a party.
  • It may be tempting to have a drink before you arrive at the venue, but turning up drunk is not advisable. Entry is still at the discretion of the hosts, and you could be deemed too drunk to participate. Once inside the party, pace yourself as drunken behaviour is not tolerated and you could be asked to leave! I have seen this happen at a party I was attending.
  • Aggressive behaviour is a big no no. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, in the eyes of the management, if you lose control or have any kind of confrontational incident the security staff will remove you from the club. Hosts don’t want any trouble whatsoever and if you feel yourself becoming uncomfortable, for whatever reason, simply report it to the staff. If someone refuses to leave you alone, then find the manager and let them deal with it.

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