You CAN have your cake and eat it

Ethical Non-Monogamy Coaching
for Single Men who want to get involved
in the swinger lifestyle

Yes, there is space for single men in the swinger lifestyle

with Rosie Kay

Think swinging is only for couples and single women? Think again! If you are a single man who wants to get involved in the swinger scene, but have no idea how or where to begin, then keep reading!

I will take you from a single guy with limited or no experience in ethical non monogamy
to stepping through the door to your first swinger party in no time!


When I first discovered the world of ethical non-monogamy, I didn’t know where to start! All I knew was that being monogamous with man wasn’t for me and that part of me was craving something more. Only, I didn’t understand what this was or how to achieve it without ruining my existing relationship. When I had that Initial conversation with my partner, I was terrified of what might happen. Even though I wanted to explore the possibility of Including another person in our intimate life. I was very apprehensive.

Suddenly I was overwhelmed with fear, lack of confidence, insecurity and self-doubt. Like so many people. I believed that being ethically non monogamous meant make or break for my relationship.

Getting to the stage where I can now offer my advice and expertise has meant overcoming many obstacles, and it has been a long process.

I have learned that there is not a one size fits all approach when it comes to relationships. And that we as humans flourish when we put aside traditional ideas about what society dictates our lives should be like and start approaching relationships and sexuality from a different angle.

Over the last ten years, I have discovered how to navigate the lifestyle and overcome many obstacles and difficulties. I know a lot about open relationships.
I am here to help you understand the world of Ethical Non-Monogamy and enjoy the lifestyle with confidence without guilt or shame.

Hi, I'm Rosie Kay!


I believe there is no right or wrong way to enjoy a non-monogamous relationship.

For some people getting started in the lifestyle is relatively easy, whereas for others, getting involved in the swinger scene is not as straightforward as simply turning up at a club.

We are all different and unique. What feels right for one person might be the opposite of what another enjoys. With this in mind. my guidance and support are tailor-made around you, your relationship and what you would like to achieve.

My ethical non-monogamy coaching for single men sessions are for guys who want to get involved in the lifestyle for the right reasons and don’t want to waste their time and money being rejected. 

Not only will I teach you how to get involved in the swinger lifestyle, but I will also teach you how to be a success on the scene and how to appeal to swinger couples. There’s a lot more to being a successful swinger than simply turning up! 

A large part of the journey starts with acceptance. 

Acceptance of human nature, sexuality and sexual desire. 

I will teach you about different relationship dynamics, and ways that you can get involved. I will introduce you to clubs and events that cater for single men so that you have a great experience. 

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Rosie is an encyclopedia of swinger knowledge

My aim is to help single guys navigate their way successfully around the heavily stigmatised world of swinging.

I will help you with:

All my consultations are strictly confidential and non-judgmental.
I offer a personal and professional service, to listen, guide and support you.

Swinging has brought us closer than we've ever felt before; a whole new understanding of one another and we now view each other in a different light.

A roadmap to your swinging success as a single man

Over the years, I have helped many single guys get into the swinger scene and offered them help and advice for boosting their chances of success. It’s one thing to attend a party, but being successful in that setting is different altogether.
With my help, I will support you and guide you through the process. A lot of single guys don’t even get a look in with swinger couples! Luckily for you, I know exactly what couples are looking for in single guys. It doesn’t matter how you are looking to get involved; my advice can be applied to all situations. In the first session, we will explore what you can expect from getting involved in the swinger lifestyle and what you have to do to succeed.

Sadly, there is quite a lot of stigma attached to single men in the swinger lifestyle, and sometimes couples may overlook genuine single guys. I will teach you how to demonstrate to other swingers, both online and in clubs, that you are a single guy who is in the lifestyle for the right reasons.

Having fears and insecurities about starting in the swinger lifestyle is entirely understandable, and at times fear can be an overwhelming emotion. I will listen to your fears and reservations and offer you guidance, support and answers. Performance anxiety, insecurity and doubt are all reasonably common amongst men in the swinger lifestyle; luckily, I’m here to offer you some insights into what the world of swinger clubs is like for guys.

I will help you create a Perfect Personal Profile. Using my expertise, I will craft the perfect swinger dating profile for you and use all my knowledge and experience to make a profile that represents your personality online. From knowing how to be appealing to couples to writing engaging messages to organising vanilla dates, I will create an attractive, engaging and alluring profile that will set you apart online.

Attending your first event is an exciting experience, and in this session, I will share with you all the steps you need to take to make sure your first experience is a positive one. Regardless of how you like to play or who you are looking to meet, I will teach you how to have confidence, charm and charisma. From what to wear for the first time, meeting other swingers, and walking into a club. When it comes to visiting an event, theres a lot to discover! You will learn exactly what to say to other attendees, how to communicate your rule and boundaries to them and how to move from polite conversation to playtime, should you wish to.

We've witnessed each other grow as people, not just within the Lifestyle but how we view ourselves, certain situations and how we overcome things as a couple.

From a nervous newbie to a confident swinger in just 5 weeks!

Coaching consists of 5 sessions with me, preferably over the course of 5 weeks. Following on from each session you will receive a write up in the form of an email that covers key points from each session that you can refer back to.

By the end of the 5 sessions with me, you will be have a thorough understanding of what being in the swinger lifestyle entails for single men, what you need to do in order to be a success and how to find events and parties and how to get involved in the lifestyle by either attending clubs or attending private parties.

  • You will go from being a single guy with limited or no experience in ethical non monogamy to being a guy who understand what the lifestyle entails, is able to have open and honest conversation with others and can practice Ethical non monogamy in a way that is appealing to swinger couples.
  • You will go from never visiting a swingers club, to gaining an understanding of where they are, how to visit them and how to be a success in the lifestyle. 


You could. But chances are you wouldn’t have the best time. As you can imagine, many guys want to get involved in the swinger lifestyle, and because of this, they face a lot of rejection. Unless you know how to be a success in the lifestyle, which is what I will teach you, you too will face rejection. 

Yes. I have visited many different swinger clubs; I know what each looks for in new members and which are great for single guys. Clubs trust my judgement and respect me as an expert in my field. If I say I have been working with a client on a 1-2-1 basis, and I recommend you to them, they are far more likely to grant you a membership. 

No. My coaching stems from my experience and knowledge as a relationship counsellor. The fundamentals skills that I will teach you in my coaching sessions are not available on my site or other content forms. The coaching that I offer is bespoke and deeply personal based on my client’s individual needs. 

Yes, after each session, I will be available via email to answer any of the questions that you may have, and I will give you a write up of each session detailing the key points that I believe you need to work on. 

Being Ethically Non-Monogamous has brought an all-around lighter feeling to our relationship. We have a complete level of freedom and communication that we've adopted into our regular life.