Ethical Non-Monogamy Coaching for first time swingers

for Couples

Enjoy all the fantastic physical and emotional intimacy that comes with being in a relationship whilst exploring your sexuality in a way that doesn't jeopardise your romantic partnership.

Not only will I teach you how to do this successfully whilst keeping your relationship intact, but I will also help you understand why you feel this way in the first place.

for Single Women

I am a single woman. And I know exactly how it feels to be a single girl attending clubs, meeting other swingers and getting involved in a world that is heavily dominated by couples.

I will take you from a single woman with limited or no experience in ethical non monogamy, to a woman who is in charge of her own sexual experiences!

for Single Men

I will take you from a single guy with limited or no experience in ethical non monogamy to stepping through the door to your first swinger party in no time!

I will teach you about different relationship dynamics, and ways that you can get involved. I will introduce you to clubs and events that cater for single men so that you have a great experience.